Birthdays galore

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

The tea-set and flowers are gifts from my lovely friends

The last week has been fun and exhausting in equal measure, hence not much action on the blog. 

Since last Tuesday I have celebrated five birthdays, including my own on Friday! The activities have ranged from wine-tasting at Le Perchoir with Vins du Bordeaux, dancing at Comptoir General, stuffing my face full of pastries and tea at Ladurée, washing down the tastiest fried chicken burger at Lockwood with even tastier cocktails, drinking my bodyweight in champagne, then drinking my bodyweight in wine and whatever else was within reach, and then consuming meringue cake bought from Sebastien Gaudard (which I'm ashamed to admit, have absolutely no memory of, to the point where I've been telling everyone repeatedly all weekend that I didn't get to try any of my own birthday cake, only to be told that actually I ate not one, but two pieces and had the evidence all around my face to prove it). Lunch at Le Loir dans la Théière on Saturday (famous for their huge cakes), drinks at Le Petites Gouttes Sunday night followed by an Indian, to finally afternoon tea at Katie's on Monday to celebrate Lauren's 30th, which involved the most indulgent chocolate meringue cake (baked by Lauren) cupcakes, more patisseries, Swedish sprinkle-covered chocolate balls (made by Carin), chocolates, stroopwafels and cake provided by our very own patisserie chef in training, Cindy. Yep, I think I just put the 'O' in over indulgent...I feel woozy just writing this. Even my photos have taken a sugary turn in the last week! 

It's been a great week, but I'm so glad it's over and I can get back to normality, whatever that might be...


  1. Oh that's one eventful week... Birthday celebrations are the best !
    Glad you had so much fun and sugary treats :)

  2. Haha yes, a very eventful (but fun) week indeed. I'm so happy you had a good birthday. Friday night was so much fun :) xx

  3. Wow, lots of spring birthdays! So sad to have missed out on all the celebrating, it sounds like it was so much fun which is how birthdays should be. I wouldn't mind a burger from Lockwood right about now xx

  4. THAT is the way I want my birthday(week) to go! Nicely done.


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