At Home With Haleigh Walsworth

Monday, 16 February 2015

What inspired you to start Making Magique? 
I was following a few blogs in 2009 (there were a lot less back then) and I was enjoying the content so much, I decided to try my own hand at it and started photographing and writing.

What else do you do? 
I have also been blogging for Lancôme on their USA site since the beginning of 2014 and I have a column called Paris Rendez-Vous. Once a week I photograph and write articles about culture, fashion, beauty and more in Paris for the US market. It’s a fun project and I've always been a huge fan of the brand, so it’s truly a pleasure working with them. I also create photos and videos for another beauty brand in the US, as well as for their digital channels. I write and photograph outside of the digital realm too, including a book for Penguin by Angela Niles that will come out this autumn, and a guide book to Paris called The Hunt: Paris that will be released by Gatehouse this spring. Now that those are done I’m working on a book of short stories accompanied by my own photographs.

What words of advice do you have for someone wanting to forge their own career path?
I’ve been freelancing and blogging for four years now and I don’t have it all figured out yet, but I would like to think I’ve learned something. Give yourself time to blossom - sometimes things happen fast, but other things take years to bloom. Also don’t lose energy comparing yourself to others, instead spend it on trying to do your best work and being more proactive. Treasure your clients and find a finesse to managing their expectations, while still going out of your way to keep them happy. Also don’t do jobs that pay you less than what you are worth, unless you absolutely have to, it's never worth it in the end. Be original, be authentic, and strive to create real value for the people that you work for, whether it's a client or customer. Put other people forward for work you think they are suited for and you will find the favour is often returned later down the line. Be frugal and stay optimistic in the slow times, ride the wave with grace in the busy times and be thankful for the work you have. Promote yourself, but never shamelessly. Work hard, wait, stay positive, get work, work harder, be thankful, repeat.

And now onto your apartment - how long have you lived there and how did you find it? 
Four years! Time flies. It feels like I moved in yesterday. There's no multiple listing service in Paris, so I found mine the only way one can if they want to buy a flat in Paris. First identify the neighbourhoods you want to live in, and then basically spend all day walking around to individual real estate agencies looking at the listings and leaving your information about what you're looking for. Then hopefully you can start doing visits - I found my apartment fairly quickly, but I had studied the market a lot and knew what I could and wasn’t going to get. Know what you can live without in and what you can’t. And when you you do find something you like, do not hesitate as places get snapped up immediately! 

What were the biggest decorating challenges? 
In Paris, space is always a challenge and the biggest was my kitchen. The sink and some of the appliances are less than the standard width - I had to go back 12 centimetres or so, otherwise the kitchen wouldn't have fit. Second was my front door. It’s too small to get most furniture through, so I had to be really clever. That’s actually why I don’t have a proper couch. The only ones that would fit through the door were the ones from IKEA, as they assembled inside. But they are often so generic, so finally I opted for a daybed, which is actually awesome because it’s a great place to stretch out on whilst watching a movie on my laptop and it can actually sit a lot of people on it!

How would you describe your interior style? 
Quirky, modern, French.

Favourite piece(s) of furniture/treasures? 
My favourite piece of furniture is my Louis XV demi corbeille bed. I always wanted one, but they are so pricey, I wasn’t sure I could swing it. But I found one I quite liked on ebay for 200€. I just wish you could see it better in my tiny bedroom! I also love the mirror over my fire place. It was also a good buy and I think it adds so much to the main room. 

Favourite places/shops to buy for your home? 
I love the Porte de Vanves flea market and of course the Marché Saint Ouen or Clignancourt as it's also called for all things vintage and antique. For new furniture with lots of different styles, I really like Maison du Monde. You can find some lovely affordable pieces that look great when mixed with older pieces. Of course I always mix in a bit of IKEA here and there when it's practical. My favorite home shops in Paris are Fleux' in the 4th and Maison Aimable in the 11th.

Interiors/style that have inspired you? 
I love little rococo details. Erin Fetherston’s old apartment in Paris was really an inspiration as well and Bijou Boheme’s kitchen inspired the countertops in mine.

Favourite sources for inspiration?
I use Pinterest for interiors inspiration. Obviously most of those comes from magazines, including old issues of Domino. Oddly, I also really like Atlanta Homes magazine and always find great stuff in there. Also my mom’s design and decor which she posts about on her blog is always a place I go for inspiration for the small decor details and how to repurpose all sorts of objects around the house for beautiful little corners.

Favourite three social media mavens?
The scandinavian gals have definitely stolen my heart! Elsa Billgren is my number one there. On Instagram I love GypsyOne even though her style is much edgier than mine, I love the way she curates her life as a photographer. Then for all things beauty I love LisaEldridge and her youtube videos.

Favourite three lifestyle blogs? 
Park & Cube because Shini is an amazing visual designer of all things, Hjartesmil because Mariel’s pictures feel so authentic and lived in, and Natalie Joos’ Tales OfEndearment, because she has some great stories that make me laugh and she always takes dreamy trips.

Last good book you read? 
Where I Was From by Joan Didion.

What’s in your magazine pile? 
So It Goes mag is the only magazine I’m into right now. Other than that National Geographic, because it reminds me of being a kid still and being so excited to read them each month. The only fashion magazines around my house are there just for photo props for shoots I do. I really hate fashion magazines. I used to read Lula and still love the imagery, but I got a bit turned off by their exclusive It Girl club vibe and did away with all of them and my subscription. I tried to still love them because they were sooooo pretty but in the end I just didn’t identify with it. I love books but magazines are not really my thing!

What’s in your fridge? 
Tangerines, tangerines, and more tangerines. My Bkr waterbottle, and lots of gourmet mustards of different varieties.

Evening drink of choice? 
Tom Collins, preferably at Le Fumoir.

Tea or coffee? 
Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon.

Handbag essentials? 
Fully charged iPhone and headphones (I’m always listening to music when I am out), at least one lipstick, a nail file (because it drives me insane when my nails snag on things), at least three credit cards (because I have a fear of them not working for some reason, so need at least two backups), and that’s it! I like to travel light.

What do you do to relax? 
In all seriousness, I dance alone a lot in my apartment! It’s kind of like a work out and a stress reliever. I walk a lot, like maybe at least an hour a day. It is my favorite activity and where I have all of my ideas. I watch a lot of Vice videos in my free time too, and also embarrassingly am really into those weird ASMR videos on youtube. I listen to at least one a day.

Get the look:
1. Brigitte Bardot: The Life, The Legend, The Movies
2. Glass Mug from Merci
3. Louis Chair from Maison du Monde
4. Fluffy white cushion
5. RENS sheepskin rug from Ikea
6. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant film camera in pink

Notes from the Weekend

Monday, 9 February 2015

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Sadly a friend in Paris passed away whilst in India for a marriage, the week before last. She was the best friend and flatmate of a very good friend of mine here....We had the memorial on the Friday at Paris College of Art where she'd worked. I'd only known her a year, but she was one of the loveliest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, with an infectious appetite for life. She lived life to the full, was always happy and laughing - a real inspiration. When I haven't felt like going out or being social in the last couple of weeks, I've been thinking: what would Céline do? It's also the reason I haven't felt much like blogging recently, but life goes on. If I'm to learn anything from this experience of losing a friend at the beginning of their life (she was only 26), it's that life is fleeting and to try and live it in the best way I can, especially if all I want to do some days is curl up on the sofa and watch 10 episodes of Suits (yes, I did that last weekend). It's obviously ok to do that every now and again, but I'm trying not to make it a habit - as good-looking as Harvey is. So here's a little summary of things I got up to this weekend (I only watched 3 episodes of Suits, for the record). 

+ We (I mean the boy) spent the weekend building our Ikea furniture - a much-needed wardrobe and table & bench. Who knew having your clothes in one organised space could bring so much joy. I know know what clothes I have and therefore what I need. Hello shopping. 
+ Friday was dinner and cocktails at Bespoke with Carin in the 10th - a newish cocktail bar and restaurant serving up sliders and fried chicken, with a great atmosphere and music to match.
+ Saturday, we went to a leaving dinner at la Marine on Saturday night - if you're looking for a traditional French bistro in the 10th than this is a winner - I'd suggest the tajine or boeuf bourguignon
+ Coffee at Ten Belles - I love that I live near so many great coffee shops. This place a 5mins walk from mine, just across the canal. It's usually heaving on the weekend, so get a takeaway and wander around the canal.
+ I read this interesting article on Stylist about personal branding - food for thought. Have you ever done a personal branding exercise with yourself? 
+ And finally I watched Pride - a brilliant British film set in the Thatcher era around the mining strikes. A group of gay and lesbians support a coal-mining village in Wales in their cause against a common enemy. It's funny, inspiring and tear-jerking - have tissues to hand! 
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