Notes from the Weekend

Monday, 9 February 2015

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Sadly a friend in Paris passed away whilst in India for a marriage, the week before last. She was the best friend and flatmate of a very good friend of mine here....We had the memorial on the Friday at Paris College of Art where she'd worked. I'd only known her a year, but she was one of the loveliest people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, with an infectious appetite for life. She lived life to the full, was always happy and laughing - a real inspiration. When I haven't felt like going out or being social in the last couple of weeks, I've been thinking: what would Céline do? It's also the reason I haven't felt much like blogging recently, but life goes on. If I'm to learn anything from this experience of losing a friend at the beginning of their life (she was only 26), it's that life is fleeting and to try and live it in the best way I can, especially if all I want to do some days is curl up on the sofa and watch 10 episodes of Suits (yes, I did that last weekend). It's obviously ok to do that every now and again, but I'm trying not to make it a habit - as good-looking as Harvey is. So here's a little summary of things I got up to this weekend (I only watched 3 episodes of Suits, for the record). 

+ We (I mean the boy) spent the weekend building our Ikea furniture - a much-needed wardrobe and table & bench. Who knew having your clothes in one organised space could bring so much joy. I know know what clothes I have and therefore what I need. Hello shopping. 
+ Friday was dinner and cocktails at Bespoke with Carin in the 10th - a newish cocktail bar and restaurant serving up sliders and fried chicken, with a great atmosphere and music to match.
+ Saturday, we went to a leaving dinner at la Marine on Saturday night - if you're looking for a traditional French bistro in the 10th than this is a winner - I'd suggest the tajine or boeuf bourguignon
+ Coffee at Ten Belles - I love that I live near so many great coffee shops. This place a 5mins walk from mine, just across the canal. It's usually heaving on the weekend, so get a takeaway and wander around the canal.
+ I read this interesting article on Stylist about personal branding - food for thought. Have you ever done a personal branding exercise with yourself? 
+ And finally I watched Pride - a brilliant British film set in the Thatcher era around the mining strikes. A group of gay and lesbians support a coal-mining village in Wales in their cause against a common enemy. It's funny, inspiring and tear-jerking - have tissues to hand! 


  1. I am sorry for the loss of your friend, how sad. I attended the funeral of the youngest of three brothers who I grew up with last week, he was only was completely heartbreaking & hard to find anything good or hopeful. I completely get what you mean about it making you think about living life to the's all that we can do isn't it?

    I loved the movie "Pride", it made me laugh & cry. A great film & a very inspiring story.

  2. So so sorry for your loss and the sadness you feel now. Be good to yourself xx

  3. too sad about your friend, such a sad sad waste. but watching back to back episodes of favourite tv shows is always therapeutic. Don't know what 'Suits' is, guess I am missing something. We watch terrible crime shows like 'Silent Witness' or comedic ones like 'Death In Paradise', and for a real laugh, the 3 saddos in 'Top Gear'. Keep well and warm, from not so sunny Spain. mooxxx

  4. If Harvey Spector can help in anyway then go with it.... So sorry for your loss.

  5. I live nearby the Ten Belles too, and it has become one of my favorite spot. Maybe we will run into each other at some point ;)

    Sorry for your loss. If going through a "Suits" marathon helps... than go ahead! Take everything you can to make your heart feeling better about that situation that you can't change, unfortunately.
    Love & light


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