The Good Life

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I haven't been too well the last few days, either I ate something bad or caught a bug. Bad timing considering I have just started a new freelance job and have to move out of my studio this weekend. We are frantically looking and haven't found anything yet. Funny how things always happen at once! Yesterday was also the official start of autumn, and like clockwork the temperature suddenly dropped in Paris (I'm currently sat inside with a big woolly on, as it seems a little ridiculous to put the heating on now!) So I'd thought I'd share some more photos from my travels, which are a little warmer and more cheerful than what I'm feeling right now.

I took these whilst staying in Gordes at the Mas de la Baume, a beautiful bed and breakfast, with a pool and view across the street of the village (just don't go for the cheapest room, if you want a door on your bathroom. Not ideal if you want a little privacy...!)

While we stayed in Provence we also drove to the pretty village of Gigondas, known for its exceptional wine for a little wine-tasting. So we did just that and didn't leave empty handed! Hope you like the photos! 


  1. I love the photos, looks like quite a lot of wine may have been consumed...good luck on the flat hunting...mooxx

  2. Hope you feel better soon Marissa. The pictures are gorgeous! x

    Dear Laura

    1. Thanks Laura! Feeling much better thank you xx

  3. This makes me want to pack a bag and go there right now! It must look amazing with fall foliage!


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