A Jaunt around Jardin du Luxembourg

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

After some serious sugar intake at Laduree on Saturday, I was in need of a little walk. I said bye to Carin and trotted off to meet my man for a little jaunt around Jardin du Luxembourg. I'm not usually south of the river (sounding like a typical Londoner here), so wanted to take advantage of our location and see the park. While he found a seat in the sun (watching me take photos can get pretty laborious, I presume), I wandered around the gardens to capture a few shots. Of course the park was packed - people were sunbathing, roaming around and families were sailing boats on the pond, but it was good to be outside. The weather was lovely - a respite from the constant rain we've been having recently, and the atmosphere was warm and relaxed. 

I'd love to know what you think of the photos - and what's your favourite park in Paris?


  1. Jaw-dropping photos! I've only been once in Paris but Jardin du Luxembourg was my favorite aussi :)


  2. The Tuileries very early morning just before the boulangeries open. I used to walk home through there on some very late nights out. The city would smell of fresh baking bread and I'd usually get one of the first croissants out of the oven. The smell of fresh bread brings me back to those mornings. :)

  3. It's almost as if I'm back there with you :)

    My favorite is Parc Monceau--it was the first I really got to know in Paris. xo

  4. What lovely photos!

    My favorite park in Paris is the Jardin Catherine Labouré in the 7th. It's small and cozy... and you're actually allowed on the grass!

  5. Very nice pics! It is my favourite Parisian garden :)

  6. Gorgeous shots! I'd love to visit that garden someday :)



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