Lately... on the left bank

Thursday, 20 March 2014

You may have noticed that I've been posting a lot of photos of this beautiful lady on my Instagram feed lately. I've been staying at a friend's on the Rive Gauche just near Cluny - La Sorbonne, so have been lucky enough to take strolls along the Seine, which is only a couple of minutes away and admire the view on an almost daily basis. I'll only be here for another week, so I'm making the most of it before I head back north of the river.

I've loved exploring a new neighbourhood, I would never have discovered Instituutti Coutume cafe (I'll be posting about in a couple of days, so check back soon) for one, which I've been dragging (kicking and screaming of course...not) friends to on an almost daily basis to work - I've now dubbed it 'the office' - and wandering around the pretty cobbled streets of the Latin Quartier, and discovering places like this, of course has its perks.

Saying that, I did spend most of the weekend north of the river. I finally checked out rooftop bar, Le Perchoir, ate the most delicious meal at Le Quilles, had a glass of champagne (yep, that's how I roll) in the luxurious lounge at the Shangri-La Hotel and breakfast at Claus.

What's your favorite Paris quarter?


  1. My absolutely favourite is the Latin Quartier. It has something that inspires me and it's very near by Le jardin du Luxembourg, my favourite park in Paris.

  2. I love the whole right bank - the classic 3rd! the historic bits (& even the amusement park bits) of the 18th! the trending 20th!. But I am especially fond of Canal-St. Martin in the 10th and Promenade Plantee in the 12th. I know that the eastern arrondissements are gentrifying now but that's not always a bad thing. I love mix of ages and cultures.Turkish sandwich shops across from boulangeries and modern, new coffee houses between laveries and some crazy old tabac.

    LOVE your blog - great photos and fun writing. Wish I was there right…now.


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