Petit Paris: Halloween

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween! Of course when I said this to a French person this morning, I got a little bemused smile, as if to say: 'ah, you Brit, with your silly customs.' Yes I'm half Yank and grew up in Britain, so where I come from it's always been the the done thing to celebrate Halloween. In France on the other hand, it appears no one takes much notice. I haven't seen any signs that Halloween is celebrated here. I've even been invited to a French friend's place for dinner tonight and when I mentioned it was Halloween, she said as second thought: 'oh yes, maybe I'll bake a pumpkin pie.' 

I've been dressing up and throwing or attending Halloween parties since I was little, so this was a little odd. But when in Rome, do as the Romans, so this year I won't really be celebrating Halloween, meaning no pumpkin carving, no big bowl of sweets and no silly witch costumes. I'll just have to be content with nosing at friends' photos on Facebook. Of course if I'm in Paris this time next year, I'm definitely throwing a Halloween party!

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  1. no trick or treaters on our road this year, interesting, but a lot of costumes, sweets and pumpkins in the shops, nearly bought a pumpkin for fun, but did not feel like carving it on my own, so did not. xx


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